How to settle down as an expat in Singapore Part III

It has been a while I have updated this series that I started sometime ago. In the first part, I listed down the things to be taken into account while preparing to come and stay in Singapore, while the second part was primarily dedicated to finding a house – which is a major part in the settling down process.

This part will be focused on setting up your CAM00227home!

Setting up your abode again and again can be demoralizing let alone daunting, especially if you had to leave your home to settle down all over again.

Depending on whether the house you leased is semi-furnished, furnished or unfurnished, you have to draw up a list of items you would need. A few essentials would be Bed, Sofa, Dining Table Set, Extra Chairs, Dressing table, Wardrobes, Study Table, Centre Table, TV Cabinet / Table. Some of the electric appliances would be TV, Microwave, Mixer Grinder/ food processor, etc.

Home Furniture/ Home Furnishings

I would highly recommend IKEA to furnish your house. It’s not only affordable; the designs are urban and minimalistic. It is ideal for people who are always on the go. IKEA has 2 stores in Singapore – one in Tampines, another in Alexandra. The store in Tampines is pretty big and you can find everything from kitchen pots and pans to curtains, to furniture – under one roof.

A few tips of visiting IKEA –

It can be quite a task navigating the huge store. So, here are a few tips.

  1. Visit the IKEA website – and create a shopping list
  2. Take a print out of this list when you visit IKEA
  3. If you need to buy many items, you need to make multiple trips. So first make a list of all the items that you need immediately – the bare minimum.
  4. Most importantly, do not forget to carry big bags to carry your purchased items back home. IKEA doesn’t give carry bags. However, if you forget to bring in a bag, you can buy one at the cashier for 90 cents.
  5. Do not go alone. Bring along someone.
  6. Avoid weekends if possible. If you have to go on a weekend, try to reach the store by 11 am and wrap up as soon as you can.

IKEA website:

For crockery/ household knick-knacks

One store that never fails to disappoint me is Diaso – a Japanese store where everything is sold for SGD 2! From plates, spoons, table mats, door mats, slippers, you can buy all the small little things that you need for your home. Daiso has many outlets including ones in Plaza Singapura Mall, Parkway Parade Mall, City Centre Mall.

Some people also love to visit Mustafa Shopping Centre in Little India. Although I find the store a ted claustrophobic, you can still make a visit. It is open 24 hours. Try to make a visit late in the night when it’s a less crowded.

For electronics/ home appliances

For electric appliances, you can check out these stores:

  1. Giant – this is a supermarket that sells fruits/ vegetables/dry goods etc. It also has a section where you can find electric appliances – both branded and some of the lesser known ones too. Giant has many outlets throughout the city. Visit website:
  2. Harvey Norman: Harvey Norman is a pure electronics shop where you can find a variety of electronic items – TVs, Microwave ovens, toasters, vacuum cleaners, etc. Visit website:

Second Hand items:

If you are looking at buying second hand items, you can also look into this website –

My next part of this series will be on how to make your life convenient in Singapore. So keep visiting!


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