Movie Review: Gone Girl

Gone Girl is mysterious, outright disturbing yet deals with the ‘don’t take me for granted attitude’ in a marriage to a different level altogether.

The beautiful, successful and wealthy wife of Nick Dunne (played by Ben Affleck) – Amy Elliot Dunne (Rosamund Pike) disappears on their 5th marriage anniversary. Nick seems too cold and casual to this news, making everyone ask – what’s Nick’s role in Amy’s mysterious disappearance, if at all he has one?

The detectives, although couldn’t put charges on him, find it ted difficult to completely rule him out on all grounds of suspicion.

So ‘Finding Amy’ becomes a mission – from candle lit marches to discussions on news channels – and Nick becomes the eye of the storm as the whole story turns up to become one of America’s loved prime time news story.

With twists and turns of revelations – Amy’s pregnancy reports, Nick’s affair with his young student, financial troubles of the couple, forensic confirmations of a crime scene at Nick’s apartment, all leads to the final arrest of Nick as Amy couldn’t be found after many days.

Behind all this is the perfect plot by Amy – the writer – who frames her unfaithful husband. She of course is alive and watching all the drama from a distance and under the guise of colored hair and shabby clothes. The writer in her draws the perfect plan of her disappearance holding Nick responsible for it – her little revenge. He had made her cease to exist over the years and now it’s her turn to disappear for real and teach Nick a lesson.

So what’s next? Will Nick spend the rest of his life in prison? Will Amy make a comeback?

Well she does. Will normalcy return in the marriage? Watch it to know.

Gone Girl is a fine balance of how the cracks in a marriage both destroys it and holds it together. Betrayal, suspicion, nagging, and all the ‘he said’ and ‘she said’ war in a marriage make you ‘partners in crime’ – well truly in this case.

You must ask your spouse – What is it that you are thinking? What’s there in your head?


Ben Affleck

Rosamund Pike

Neil Patrick Harris

Tyler Perry

Directed by David Fincher


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