328 Katong Laksa – a Singapore favorite

I am not a big fan of laksa. Actually I was eating laksa at the wrong places in Singapore or maybe the not so good ones.


A bowl of laksa along with otah

However, ‘I am not a big fan of laksa’ statement became a thing of the past when I was introduced to the sinful laksa in the famous neighborhood eatery in Katong area – 328 Katong Laksa.

Now I am a convert!

For those among you wondering what is laksa? I am copying the text form a previous post here:

Laksa is a spicy noodle soup containing coconut gravy, rice vermicelli, fish sticks, cockles and shrimps, that is garnished with laksa leaves (I’m yet to figure out whether the laksa leaves are dried coriander, basil or mint).  

Well, coming back to 328 Katong Laksa, the laksa here tastes different from all the laksa I have had before. It’s creamy, spicy (you can also add additional chili paste), and the texture of the soup makes you want for more. I also love the generous garnishing of the laksa leaves – that clearly adds a different flavor to the dish.

I also eat another side dish along with laksa here as it goes really well with it. It’s called otah – a fish cake made with spices and wrapped in banana leaf.

328 Katong Laksa has become immensely popular over the years, and has grabbed the attention of the likes of Gordon Ramsay and many others.

The downside



The place where Katong Laksa is housed cannot be called rundown, but it’s definitely nondescript. When we went there for lunch the other day, the eatery had given way to a new air-conditioned, brightly lit coffee shop.

To our great relief, the revamped place is still 328 Katong Laksa selling their famous laksa!

The laksa in the older place had 3 portions of servings that you could choose from – small, medium and large.

We used to always order the medium portion before, which was perfect for 1 person.

The renovated place has only 2 options – small and large. We ordered the large portion, thinking the small one might be way too less. But it turned out to be a ted more.

The prices have also gone up marginally. The small portion comes at SGD 5 and the large at SGD 7.

CAM00605The seating area has definitely improved with the air conditioning with some tables put outside as well.

But this time around I must admit, the taste of the laksa let me down. The taste wasn’t that great as before – it wasn’t the right consistency and tasted a little bland. I really missed the old nondescript place serving the yummy laksa.

However, I would still rate 328 Katong Laksa far better than any other shop selling laksa in Singapore.

More information at their website:  http://328katonglaksa.com.sg/  


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2 Responses to 328 Katong Laksa – a Singapore favorite

  1. Bama says:

    This is definitely a must for anyone who wish to taste one of Singapore’s most iconic dishes. I went to the exact same place and was very very satisfied with the quality of the laksa.


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