Larger than life – Super Trees in Singapore

Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay is one of the newest additions to the island city’s attractions. Located in the Downtown area, the garden is built on reclaimed land. It’s best known for the super tree grove and the two cooled conservatories – a flower dome and a cloud forest. Let’s take you on a tour.

Super Trees in the evening

Super Trees in the evening

I first visited Gardens by the Bay in early 2013 when I had come to Singapore. I recently again visited the garden. This time around it was late afternoon. I planned the time wisely so that it’s not too hot and we can enjoy the super trees in the evening.

Super Tree Grove and the OCBC Skywalk

Super Trees during the day

Super Trees during the day

The best part of the Gardens for me is the Super Tree Grove. Super Trees are manmade huge structure shaped like a real tree and with real creepers, plants covering the whole structure. The first time I saw the super trees I was not that impressed. I went during daytime and the trees looked like towers and they caught my eyes only because of their humongous size.


Mesmerizing colors of the Super Trees during the Garden Rhapsody

But this time around, I chose a better time to visit and went during the evening to watch the Garden Rhapsody in the super tree grove. With the lights and music it was quite a captivating experience!

You can also take a walk on the OCBC Sky-walk that connects the super trees for an aerial view of the Gardens.

We also visited the 2 conservatories – the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

Flower Dome:

Fotor01002162128The Flower Dome is a cooled conservatory with thousands of flowers on display. From orchids to a wide variety of cactus to roses to lilies you will find all sorts of flowers in the dome. The controlled temperature of the observatory helps the flowers from the tropical climate outside. The Flower Field display changes from time to time to reflect different seasons and festivals.


Captures from the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome

It will take you about 1 hour to explore the entire dome’s flower display. Even if you are not a flower person, I think you will like the place.

Cloud Forest

The cloud forest is the other observatory in the gardens; it is adjacent to the flower dome. The Cloud Forest gives you a feel of a mountain with the misty air. There is a waterfall at the very entrance of the observatory. The dome is divided into various sections such as Lost World, Secret Garden, and Tree Top Walk. You can walk to the top of the mountain and at each level you will enter different gardens and see rare plants and flowers.


Captures from the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome

My take: I would say Gardens by the Bay is not an outstanding experience, because I am not much of a flower person. But if you are in Singapore for a while you can surely visit it. However, hats off to the country for leaving no stone unturned in creating spaces where people can relax and enjoy at the end of the day. It is also a good place for outdoor photography and a very popular wedding photography destination.


A bed of flowers

Things to remember:

When I visited, the Garden Rhapsody had 2 shows – one at 7:45 pm and one at 8:45 pm

Check the official website for more details and the latest shows:!/facts-figures

If you purchase tickets online and if your are a resident of Singapore it will be cheaper than over the counter tickets. View here for details.

There is no fee for the Garden Rhapsody when I went.

For the OCBC Sky-walk, there is an entrance fee of SGD 5 per person.


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