Which countries allow Indian Nationals Visa on Arrival?

indian passportIn my previous post I listed down the countries that allow Indian Nationals visa free entry. This post is about the countries that allow Visa on Arriva (VOA).

Here is the list:

  1. Thailand: One of the most visited countries by Indians, Thailand allows Visa on Arrival for Indian citizens. The VOA costs THB 1000. You need to carry valid travel documents, a passport sized photo and a valid return ticket. You need to have an International Credit Card or sufficient amount of cash with you – THB 10,000 per person and THB 20,000 per family during your stay in Thailand. One thing you must note is that you are not eligible for Visa on Arrival in Thailand if you are traveling overland from Cambodia at Aranyaprophet Checkpoint. In this case you need to procure your visa before you embark on your trip.
  2. Indonesia: Indonesia is another major tourist destination where Indian citizens can obtain VOA – for USD 35. The Visa fee can be paid in other currencies as well. A valid return ticket and your valid Passport are required. Read my other post on handy tips for travel to Bali, Indonesia.
  3. Cambodia: Tourists from world over flock to Cambodia to see the famous Angkor Wat. As an Indian Citizen, you have ease of travel to this country. You can procure a visa for Cambodia online –Electronic Visa (e-visa) or simply a obtain your Visa-on-Arrival. For VOA you need to have a Passport with minimum 6 months validity, 1 recent passport sized photograph (white background |4×6 cm), a valid return / onward ticket and a Bank Statement/ Credit Card Copy or at least 500 USD in Cash. The VOA fee is 20 USD Visa payable in cash.
  4. Laos: Cambodia’s neighbor Laos also allows Visa on Arrival for Indian Passport Holders which can be obtained at the Vientiane International Airport, Luang Prabang, Pakse and Warray airports. The VOA allows you a maximum stay of 30 days. Documents required for VOA are – valid passport, return/onward ticket, all documents for next destination, a confirmed hotel reservation in Laos, and a contact person (individual person or organization) based in Laos. You will also need one photo size 3 x 4 cm. The VOA fee is USD 30.
  5. Jordan: I recently learned that Jordan also allows Indians a single entry Visa on arrival at a cost of USD30.

Some of the other countries that allow Visa on Arrival are Bolivia, El Salvador, Kenya, Mozambique, Saint Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, Antarctica, Albania, Azerbaijan, Fiji and Djibouti.

Disclaimer: This article is put together on the basis of my own travel to some of these countries as well as my research; please ensure you get all information for Visa free entry at the respective embassy website or relevant authority before you travel to these countries and special administrative zones. The visa rules tend to change from time to time.


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3 Responses to Which countries allow Indian Nationals Visa on Arrival?

  1. Feng says:

    Your list doesn’t include Vietnam. This country also offer visa on arrival for Indian passport holders although its “visa on arrival” works a bit differently.


    • nilakshi says:

      I had no idea that Vietnam allows VOA for Indians. In fact my friend went there last month and he had to apply for Visa beforehand and he is an Indian.


      • Kim says:

        Yes. That’s why I said it works a bit differently. Similar to Indian visa on arrival, the Vietnam visa on arrival facility requires the applicants to submit application online in advance to get visa approval then use the visa approval to get visa stamp on arrival. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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