Campuhan Ridge Walk, Ubud, Bali – Soaking in the greenery in Bali

Loo and smoke breaks from the cubicle are common. However, longer breaks from a 9-5 routine job (in my case 9 – 6:45) are opted by only a few – reasons known to them I guess. Fewer are the numbers when it cCAM00459omes to completely putting routines off-track. I urge you all to take charge and chuck the routine, at least for a few days – if you can afford of course and TRAVEL. I just did and Bali happened to me. This series are dedicated to my trip to the blissful island in Indonesia.

Choosing the destination

My city bred soul – although I live in a clean and green city – needed a much deserved holiday. But where do we go – the fundamental question. I have grown out of beach holidays and I have realized it much before that I am more of a mountain girl than a beach person. But staying 1 degree north of equator gives you far less opportunities for a real mountain holiday. After much research on Tripadvisor, Lonely Planet, Bali was chosen – a place with mountains or rather volcanoes if I may put and of course the white sand beaches coupled with a rich culture, ancient Hindu temples – thus adding a gamut of to do/ to see things.

I will not get intIMG_86146212367758o a complete lowdown of my Bali trip here, rather I will stick to some of my Balinese experiences.

We chose Ubud as our base for our August holiday – given its location as we wanted to avoid the beach crowd in Kuta and Legian. Ubud is the cultural capital of Bali – with artists’ studios, museums, painter’s workshops dotting the multiple alleys and streets.

The Campuhan Ridge Walk

Meandering through these alleys and streets and soaking in the rich Balinese culture, we headed to the Campuhan Ridge – it is not a major tourist place and it was not on top of our agenda too. Nevertheless, after asking a few people along thIMG_86160903229263e road for directions (many of them sitting with placards and offering to give us Taksi rides!) we reached the Campuhan Ridge walk entrance.

The small little path that leads to the Campuhan Ridge was nothing impressive with some construction going on and workers enjoying their meal break. Undeterred we went ahead and saw a few others walking at a distance. Climbing a little hill (or rather a small mount) we reached lush green fields. With the sun in full glory the greenery was further enhanced. This coupled with clear blue sky and the perfectly strewn white clouds made the scenery a perfect photo opportunity – probably my next Facebook cover photo!

We continued our walk up and down the ridge with a nice breeze keeping us cool while the sun dehydrating us. After a 45 minute walk we reached Karsa Kafe amidst beautiful paddy fields. We decided to take a break and gobble some quick snacks and drinks. The view from the café was picturesque with rice fields in the distance reminding me of Assam’s (Indian state) countryside.CAM00465

I saw some people further going ahead on the rCAM00462idge. But we had a good share of greenery to sooth our eyes and we decided to return and have lunch in Ubud’s main market.

Overall I would say the Campuhan Ridge walk was relaxing and we had some great photo opportunities. The short break at the Café was quite relaxing too! One can also go in for the spa at the café (located at the end of it).

Things to Remember:

What to wear for the Campuhan Ridge Walk: Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, comfortable cotton clothes, comfortable shoes

What to carry: water aCAM00463nd umbrella

When to go: Best time to go is in the early morning at around 7 am before it gets too hot

Entrance fee: None

Check the Tripadvisor page: for more travel trips from other travelers.

Did I encourage you enough to chuck your routine? Move beyond the loo and coffee breaks from the cubicle. Take your breaks from work seriously and most importantly just take it!



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