Movie Review: The Grand Budapest Hotel – Imagination draws a perfect sketch on celluloid!

bI recently had the opportunity to watch a Wes Anderson movie. Well I won’t hide the fact that I am completely new to Anderson’s movies. When I took my seat at the Golden Village theatre I had little idea what the movie is going to be. Although my husband had showered praises, I was still doubtful.

The Grand Budapest Hotel was the film we chose – Anderson’s latest directorial piece. Well, now that I have watched the movie, I would say it was a skillfully done piece of art if not a masterpiece.

I was so much glued to the story of Moustafa or rather his journey from being the quaint hotel’s lobby boy to becoming its owner and his relationship with his master Gustave that I forgot how the clocked ticked away. The story ran back and forth with Moustafa narrating his past to a young writer, who is a visitor to the present day Budapest hotel – a dilapidated crumble of yesteryear’s grandeur. The movie was truly fictional yet so

The colorful character of Gustave, his adventures with Moustafa, how they team up to free Gustave from prison when he is falsely charged for murder and all the adventures that follows in the action packed drama will keep you at the edge of your seats!

The narration was perfect and each frame was intricately conceived with brilliant screenplay. The roaring of the engine to the unexpected adventures that further strengthened the bond between the master and his subordinate make the movie intriguing. At times I felt I was watching a theatre performance, rather than a movie.

I am not a great fan of fictional movies, but from now on Wes Anderson’s movies will be an exception to that fact. The theatrical enigma, the near perfect storytelling, complementing soundtrack coupled with the right amount of humor and with none of the characters going off-track, ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ is a much-watch for all those who love drama and comedy in equal measures and who also like to slip away into imagination, at least for a few hours!

To sum it in my husband’s words on Anderson’s movies – “You will feel like you are reading a book and not watching a movie”!

If you have already watched the movie, I would be glad to know if you enjoyed it. If you haven’t watched it yet, watch this trailer: I am sure you would want to go for it!

I have watched 2 other Anderson’s movies – The Moonrise Kingdom and The Darjeeling Express.


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