10 pre-conceived notions about India and Indians: Based on my personal interactions

  1. Indian food is spicy. Well there are regions where the natives eat relatively bland and plain food or for that matter food that borders on sweetness. So, next time you visit me, I will treat you to masor tenga (an Assamese sour fish curry).
  2. Indians eat curry all the time. No, curry is not the only thing that we Indians eat, at least not for all the meals. There are numerous dishes that have nothing to do with a curry – like a normal vegetable dish (fried vegetables with onion and garlic probably?).
  3. Indians have 10 + siblings! We do have family planning nowadays, at least in the urban areas. So do not give me that look when I say I am the only child.
  4. Indians are dark. Have you met a Kashmiri yet? Go and google Kareena Kapoor, you will have your answer.
  5. Indians have curly hair. Well, hair straightening business might be doing brisk business in Indian cities. But there are Indian women who have natural straight hair. Especially the women from the north eastern parts of India!
  6. Indians are a confused lot. Just because we talk a lot and we can talk endlessly you cannot brand us as a confused community. We do not see life as a ‘To Do list’, we are always thinking and talking you see?
  7. Arranged marriages in India are forced on people. Well let me tell you that you do get to meet your prospective spouse and you have the liberty to say yes or no! No one stands there with a gun pointed towards you.
  8. Indian educated people are IT professionals. Indians might be ruling the roost when it comes to IT, but there are other usual professions that we take up like the rest of the world. Haven’t you heard of an Indian who is a doctor or a teacher, a lawyer or maybe a banker? We also do have economists and well-known writers too, who fall under the ‘educated’ category.
  9. Indians speak either Tamil or Hindi. Well there are 22 official languages in the country, with almost each state having its own language, baring a few of course. So by and large Indians might know / speak Hindi, apart from their mother tongue. But they might know other regional languages. Well, I’m not even getting into dialects and stuff like that here.
  10. Indian sweets are just too sweet. Well, maybe you haven’t tasted all of them. There are hundreds of Indian sweets and not necessary all of them are super sweet. Next time try a rasgulla or a ras malai. Avoid jalebis, ladoos, gulab jamuns and barfis, you would be too high on sugar after eating them. More so, I believe you need to develop the taste for it. Like I have acquired the taste for Japanese food.

About nilakshi

Needless to say, I am a writer. Here on my blog you will find from the most mundane to the most interesting facets of life. My writings are a reflection of my experiences of everyday life. I love to write travel blogs, and anything and everything that catches my eye. You are all invited to comment, criticize, debate, and discuss on the topics.
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