Can I have your order please? Part – 2

Sometime ago I blogged on the local delights of Singapore, in this post I will talk about some of the regularly eaten dishes in Hawker Centers:

  1. Curry Chicken rice: This is a wholesome chicken curry – truly India style. Curry chicken is a local favorite! You get a bowl of chicken curry cooked in coconut milk, bay leaves, plus other ingredients that a curry typically consists of. It comes with a bowl of steamed rice. Most hawker centers sell the local favorite. My own top picks for it’s in Ya Jun Kaya Toast or Toast Box where you get the creamy chicken curry rice. Well, today I had that for lunch and I am completely satiated.
  2. Fish Soup: This is a typical Chinese soup. Ingredients includes – fish stock, fried/ sliced fish (which you can choose), noodles (you can choose the noodle as well. I would recommend thin bee hoon), milk or without milk, some ginger, and a bit of leafy vegetables. It might not be for those who are used to spicy food, but I absolutely love it because it’s not only healthy it’s really tasty too. Ask for some chilies dipped in soya sauce and you will love every bite of it.
  3. Roasted Braised duck rice: There are many hawker centers around Singapore selling roasted / braised duck rice. As the name suggests you can choose between roasted/ braised duck that is thinly sliced and put over rice. I would recommend braised duck rice. You can also add side dishes such as eggs, tofu, etc., as per your liking. I have heard that in South Buona Vista there is a place called Kim San Leng Eating House that serves some really yummy duck rice.
  4. Lor Mee: Lor mee is another noodle dish that comes in a thick starchy gravy. Lor mee means yellow noodles. Unlike other noodle preparations, this is a bit spicy because there is a lot of garlic and chilies put into it. Other ingredients include fish cakes, vinegar, soya sauce, etc.
  5. Fried Kway Teow: Its literal translation is ‘stir-fried rice cake strips’. Made from flat rice noodles, the noodles are stir-fried with light and dark soy sauce. Other ingredients include prawns, cockles, bean sprouts and chopped Chinese chives, eggs, slices of Chinese sausage. Some of the variations will also contain pork. It’s good on the taste buds. It’s a good choice if you are in the mood for some fried food.

Try out these hawker center delights and let me know your experience!


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