5 Must Visit Restaurants in Singapore

I am back with another post for my food section. I have been busy trying some of the local cuisines in Singapore and have been thinking to jot down a few lines in appreciation for some of them. In my previous post I shared some of the hawker center local delights. This post would be on a few restaurants that I’ve been to and I really like their food.

imagesIf it’s seafood you are looking for, you must not miss out eating the famous Chilli Crab in Singapore! There are innumerable places selling the lip smacking dish. But I would personally recommend Long Beach Seafood Restaurant where you can eat Singapore’s favorite dish – chilli crab. Also, the restaurant takes credit for inventing the pepper crab dish. Although I haven’t tasted it, I have heard it’s really good. Another place I would recommend is Jumbo Seafood where you get the same dishes and they are equally good. In fact some people prefer Jumbo over Long Beach. Average meal for two would cost about SGD 100-200. You can try Jumbo Seafood restaurant at East Coast Park where you can enjoy the sea breeze as well as the sea produce!
I would highly recommend another restaurant – Din Tai Fung! It’s a Chinese restaurant and everything on their menu is simply delicious. I would really recommend that you try their dumplinDin Tai Fung-2gs and stir-fried dou miao with garlic, and the various options of noodles and rice. Actually you can eat anything on their menu. The best part about Din Tai Fung is that their vegetarian dishes are equally good! Although I haven’t tried, some of my friends here told me so. The prices are decent. But most of their outlets are very crowded, especially on weekends. So, be prepared to queue up. One good thing is you can place the order when you are queuing, so by the time you take your seat, your food arrives. Average meal for 2 would be about SGD 50-100

UntitledSingapore also has a slew of Japanese restaurants. I would really recommend an affordable one – Ichiban Boshi. There are many outlets across the island country. And everything on their menu is really awesome. Their miso soup is really good. It comes along with the set meals. One set meal is good enough for one person if you are really hungry. If you are not very hungry you can consider sharing it and order some appetizers. Some of the dishes contain raw food like raw fish, so if you are not to experimental with the food, I would recommend you check while placing the order. Average meal for 2 would be about SGD 80-100.

Coming to kebabs there is a pshirazersonal favorite for me – Shiraz Mazzeh – on Orchard Road. There kebab falafals are succulent and you have three options – beef, chicken and lamb. I have tried the lamb and it was superb. They also have one in Clarke Quay as well. Average meal for 2 would be about SGD 50. You can also try their fine dining restaurant in Clark Quay called Shiraz.

I hope you try some of the restaurants and I hope you like them.


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