Mount Faber and Telok Banglah hill parks – the Greener side of Singapore

_MG_1577 When you think of Singapore, you think of the hustle and bustle of a busy financial centre, mouth watering food and a country that is known for its cleanliness. While sky scrapers and party hot spots reflect one side of Singapore’s personality, Singapore also has a greener side to itself. The tiny country has preserved its green spots with great care. Mount Faber Park and Telok Banglah Hill Park are two such places that give Singaporeans a break from their city bred lives and spend some relaxing time in the lap of nature.

Mount Faber Park

Mount Faber is a hill that attracts people who are interested in hiking, walking, jogging and more. The hill cum park is located near the Central Business District of Singapore._MG_1586

Mount Faber can be accessed through the Marang trail that begins near Harbour Front MRT. One can take exit D from the Harbour Front MRT and you will hit the trail right away. The trail is an easy hike and you will reach the Faber Walk at the end of the trail. It should take about 20 minutes on a moderate walking speed to reach the hilltop. Faber Walk gives a panoramic view of the Central Business District and Harbour Front and Sentosa island in the distance. Further up is the Mount Faber Point which is the highest point in the hill and it gives a better view of the sea and the southern islands of Singapore, including Sentosa. Mount Faber is also accessible via cable car from Sentosa. Visitors can alight and board the cable car at Jewel Box, located near Faber Walk. Additionally, visitors can also opt to hire a cab or drive to Faber Walk directly.

Telok Banglah Hill Park 

Mount Faber Park is connected to the adjacent Telok Banglah Hill through the popular bridge known as Henderson Waves. One can descent from Mount Faber Point and walk up _MG_1562to the Henderson Waves through a short forest trail. Visitors do not have to worry about getting lost as there is ample signage at every point. Henderson Waves gives another good view of the bay and one can sit in the shade of the wave-shaped sitting areas strewn along the length of the bridge. Henderson Waves is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore.

_MG_1585Telok Banglah Hill is situated off Henderson Road. In case you want to give Mount Faber a miss, you can head straight to Telok Banglah. You can park your vehicle at the Carpark 3 and embark on either of the two trails (located near the parking area). One is called the Earth Walk and the other is the Forest Walk.  The Earth Walk is a little adventurous and recommended for those who are physically fit. On the other hand, the Forest Walk is an elevated walkway and is excellent for a nice stroll that gives a glimpse of the flora and fauna.

Telok Banglah also boasts of several picnic spots where you can relax with your family and friends.

When in Singapore, you will never go hungry. Mount Faber has a fine dining restaurant called The Jewel Box. If you want a quick bite, there is also Faber Bistro that serves food as well as drinks. When you visit these hilltops, ensure you carry plenty of fluids. Although the hikes are not strenuous, the humid tropical weather can leave you dehydrated. Moreover, there are very few stalls selling water and fruit juices. It’s also advisable to wear comfortable shoes. It’s to be noted that both Mount Faber Park and Telok _MG_1604Banglah are non-smoking zones. Visitors can take their pets along with them and enjoy a nice walk with them. But it’s important to leash them when you take them to the park. There are plenty of benches along the park and you can take a break and sit in the shade of the trees.

So when you are in Singapore next time, give the concrete city a miss and head straight to these hilltops and breathe in some fresh air.


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