In the pursuit of a settled life

Life has been quite a roller coaster ride since the past few years for Ivy. She has meticulously set up her home only to pack everything and go to a different city and settle all over again. And before she could breathe in some air and adjust to a new city, there she was – packing her bags once again.

Relocation is fun yet disturbing. In this age, where opportunities knock on your door more often than your neighbor, life puts you in a packing and unpacking, settling and unsettling viscous circle. From an onlooker’s vantage point, it seems so cool. Her friend said, “Wow your life is so exciting, you get to see new places and new people.” Ivy grinned and wondered; can’t you see people and places without actually moving your home? Looking around her home, she wondered how she could let go her bookshelf, that lampshade, that sofa. She had invested so much time and energy and so much thought behind each and every item in her home.

However clichéd it might sound – change is the only constant thing in our life. But is too much change good for your mental balance? Maybe if you get stuck to places and people for too long, you only build stronger walls in that comfort zone. Walls that might become very difficult to break years later. Maybe it’s good to live an unsettled life – a life on the go. Maybe there isn’t anything called a ‘settled life’. It’s only in our minds that we draw up such a life – how it should be, how it ought to be. Ivy comforted herself with these thoughts. After all it was time to bid adieu.

The new destination welcomed Ivy with open arms. There are definitely perks of this new life. It is a world-class city with great amenities, robust infrastructure and a safe place where people don’t bother with what you wear and what you do. Life was suddenly good. She loved this alienation in a foreign country. It was liberating in many ways. It gave her the freedom she never knew before. And before she knew it, she was getting used to this way of life.

Years later, Ivy wonders will she be able to get back to her old life, will she be able to live without feeling safe and without the amenities of this first world. Has she put herself into a comfort zone and build impenetrable walls around herself? She travels back in time and knows that there are threads that still connect you with your old life, your people and your places. Strengthening those ties is only a matter of time. Waking up from her reverie, Ivy tells herself – darling you have mastered the art of settling in new surroundings and new places. You know how to go back and forth in time and place. You have welcomed change as the only constant and immovable thing in your life! You no longer are in the pursuit of a settled life.


About nilakshi

Needless to say, I am a writer. Here on my blog you will find from the most mundane to the most interesting facets of life. My writings are a reflection of my experiences of everyday life. I love to write travel blogs, and anything and everything that catches my eye. You are all invited to comment, criticize, debate, and discuss on the topics.
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