Truly Thai!

DSC01797 With just a day before our visit to the sleepy town of Krabi in southern Thailand, I broke a bone, the tail bone! Nevertheless with a heavy dosage of pain killers and a doughnut shaped gear to add cushion to my injured bone, I braved the Thai escapade.

I fell in love with the place the minute we landed at the Krabi airport. All the fatigue of a long flight and sitting on an inflated tube, thanks to air pressure, were forgotten! Well it was worth all the pain killers along with the onslaught of side effects that aggravated with each passing day.

As the airport bus crisscrossed the laid back lanes of the town, the limestone hills in the distance caught my tired eyes. I’ve always loved hills, and the landscape here with hills and beaches side by side is absolutely breathtaking. After a 30 minute bus ride, we finally reached our hotel Haleeva Sunshine. People in Thailand are obsessed (yes, I deliberately chose the word obsessed) with cleanliness and given the cleanliness freak that I am, I absolutely loved my Thai holiday! I think that’s what an Indian’s first reaction when he / she undertakes a foreign trip – at least for the first one! Right from the hotel desk to the rooms, everything was spic and span and much beyond my expectations for paying meager Rs 1000 per night!DSC01778

As we sat for the formalities to be done, I noticed the name of the receptionist – her name was Oil. I love the way people in Thailand are named. Our hotel manager’s name was Sun! I was wondering if I would be meeting a certain ‘Flower’ and ‘Sugar’ soon! Jokes apart, Thai people have pretty long names; hence they tend to shorten their names just for the benefit of tourists who throng this tropical country throughout the year. Thai people are known for their incomparable hospitality and that is yet another reason why tourists visit this sunshine country, besides the scenic landscapes and natural beauty.


After our ablutions, we geared up to get a taste of Krabi. As the day long adventure activities were taking a backseat in this beach town, a quiet and soothing night life was slowly unfolding. We were really hungry and wanted to have dinner. While in Krabi, you will be spoilt for choice of restaurants. There is literally one after the other in the alleys of Aonang – the buzzing center of the town. As we cruised through the street, I smelled Thai curries being readied to be served. This made me crave for food even more. This is definitely a non-vegetarian’s paradise! We finally found our destination for the night. We ordered rice with thai curry and we gorged on it as live music entertained us and soothed our tired souls. Another dish followed and we polished it off with some chilled beer.

When in Krabi you can laze around and completely let your hair down! There is something in the air of this country, I felt so much at home.

On day two we started early in the morning, had a hearty breakfast of pancakes with coffee and headed towards the beach.


We were taking a boat ride to the tip of Krabi – Railay. Although Railay is connected with Aonang, it cannot be approached through the mainland as large limestone hills separates it from Aonang. We rode on a long tail boat and in about 20 minutes, I could see the white sands of the Railay beach. We alighted ourselves and started exploring the place. There are quite many restaurants along the beach. Some tourists stay at Railay because it is quieter than Aonang. We were heading towards the Phang Nga cave situated at the other side of Railay. After walking for about 15 minutes we reached the place. Phang Nga is a limestone cave and a walk by its side leads you to the Phang Nga bay. The water is crystal clear and green in color! We rested by the bay and enjoyed the amazing view of the chicken island in the distance.

Our next stop was at Hong Island. To be continued.

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