What’s your aim in life?

Today we have a plethora of options, when it comes to choosing our career.

I remember the days when one used to ask—what is your aim in life? And yes, ‘AIM’ happened to be self-explanatory.

Aim in life very well meant what career option would you choose from. And a prompt answer would come from the few options that one had at that time– IAS/doctor/engineer/lawyer/teacher.

And this was the scene not some centuries back. I am talking about a few 15-20 years back.  If you take up science you would immediately be upgraded to the class who have a bright future.  This class was sacred to the extend of bringing good marks and hence a good career, good money; basically anything with the ‘good’ prefix.

Those “not so good in studies” were relegated to Humanities.  When I myself had taken up humanities, many people raised their eyebrows, since I had scored decent marks in my boards.  The question was WHY? many just assumed that I would be appearing for the IAS exams. But I took it up because I knew I am good at it, and I will make a living for myself with it. And definitely not by becoming a bureaucrat.

Things are very different today. The other day I happened to talk to my boss, and she told me about her son who is going to be a designer.  Although coming from a tier-1 city and been in one of the best up market schools, he wants to be an artist/designer.

Though his modern parents with a still ‘conservative’ outlook when it comes to their kids, were not so encouraging in the beginning, gave way to it, as he has proved himself that this is what he is best at. 

Contrary to this is my cousin, who is a fabulous guitarist, winning many school competitions, yet his parents want him to be an engineer. I wonder, is this kid really meant for engineering? Is he not fit to be some rock star. I don’t know myself what he really wants to be in life. Because he says he wants to be an engineer. But I really doubt, if that is so, and wonder if he is just doing what is right and ‘what he shall be doing ‘.

People from the middle class are often scared to experiment. They want to take the path most taken. They want guarantees in life for everything….a life that is financially stable and non complicated. Interest in something, which is not so financially lucrative, is happily relegated to being a hobby.

I wonder what would have been the reaction, if I had told my mother that I wanted to be a dancer, which I really wanted to become at some point. When I had mentioned it casually to her once, she told me, it’s something that I should enjoy as a hobby and not a full time profession.

I was convinced with the fact that she has seen the world more than me and what she told be must be true. Neither did I had so much confidence and conviction to follow what I wanted.

There are very few rebels who think ahead of their times and have that conviction in themselves to break what is ‘supposed to be’.

While coming to the end of this write-up, I am myself doubting the hypothesis that I wrote in my opening sentence. There are of course a plethora of options for us to choose from, yet we are still conservative about a choice when it comes to us.

How many of us want to take up something as a career that really interests us? No wonder moster.com’s ad—’caught in the wrong job’—is such a hit with us—the Indians, as we associate with it so well. Yet we wont take that risk.

Most of us want to choose a career that gives us a guaranteed life!

But most of us also forget that life itself doesn’t come with a guarantee. 


About nilakshi

Needless to say, I am a writer. Here on my blog you will find from the most mundane to the most interesting facets of life. My writings are a reflection of my experiences of everyday life. I love to write travel blogs, and anything and everything that catches my eye. You are all invited to comment, criticize, debate, and discuss on the topics.
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3 Responses to What’s your aim in life?

  1. Priyannkaa Dey says:

    Seriously, reading this article I remember my class 11th days. I never wanted to study maths or take science but took up, just because my parents wanted and gave me the reason– “Students who get good marks in 10th boards must take up science for a bright career”. SIGH!!


  2. nilakshi21 says:

    Thanks Priyanka for your comment. Yes we all have gone though those days in our lives. And the memory of the exams still gives me a cold feet..


  3. Rittwika says:

    rightly said Nilakshi…enjoyed reading it…I am sure everyone goes through this phase of following his/her “hobby” (I mean, passion) at some point in life…


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