Do people bond over weather discussions?

There was a lovely shower today morning in my city. Rather a much awaited one. I was thinking about putting up a related status message. Soon I saw my friend’s Facebook status message.

I went on to comment on the ‘nice weather‘ status message and while writing it, I realized, how a good weather can leave us upbeat and happy. After all who else would better understand it more than a resident of New Delhi.

The sun seems to be in love with our city during the summers. It just goes on starring at us with its lusty eyes and leaves us with hot air and tanned skin. Now however, cheesy and out of place that might sound, that is actually the truth and affect that the scorching sun has on us!

I realized another thing. How many times a day do we talk about weather. Oh it’s so hot, it’s so cold, it’s so humid. Over the phone also we ask friends and family members in other cities, how is the weather?

Do we really love to discuss about weather, or is it because we have nothing else to discuss, or is it just to fill in the gaps in between our conversations?

In fact even some people use it to start off a conversation with a stranger. Do people actually bond over weather discussions like they do over coffee and tea?

Can someone provide me with an answer..


About nilakshi

Needless to say, I am a writer. Here on my blog you will find from the most mundane to the most interesting facets of life. My writings are a reflection of my experiences of everyday life. I love to write travel blogs, and anything and everything that catches my eye. You are all invited to comment, criticize, debate, and discuss on the topics.
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2 Responses to Do people bond over weather discussions?

  1. Ritu says:

    Very true… we discuss about weather just to fill the gap, whenever I talk to friends, with whom I lost my connection, we usually talk about weather, though we have hundreds of thoughts in our mind, but how to express it is again difficult, somewhere it is filling gaps between two hearts/minds.


  2. nilakshi21 says:

    Thanks Ritu for the comment. And yes we in Delhi are more enthusiastic about the weather.. as it affects us so much.. given its extreme nature..


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