Mouth Watering Food

Saddi Dilli is famous for its chatpata food…. we all know that. And yes my particular interest in writing this is because, I, myself is a food lover! And today I am a little nostalgic about my days in the campus and am also terribly hungry, as I sit in office waiting for the lunch hour. If you too love to traverse the streets in search of good food.. then you should read on.. Here are some of the lip-smacking food delights which one can explore if you happen to be DU North campus…

Chole Bhature is a typical Panju dish.. But it tastes the best at Chacha ke Chole Bhature @ Kamla Nagar in North Delhi. The shop just opens for 2 hours and there is a long queue outside it even before it opens. And yes.. within those two hours everything finishes and Chacha happily closes his shop. It’s a street favorite among a lot of DU students… but you can also try it for sure… I am sure you won’t regret it..

You might have tried Mainland China and Bercos… but you still can try these campus Chinese eating outlets as they are very good on your pockets and good in taste too.. Hit the back alleys of Kamla Nagar (behind McDonalds) and you will find a series of Chinese eating outlets, starting with SOHO, Noodles, Chinese Hut and of course the campus’ first and most popular, Momos Point. Momos of course is famous at these eating joints, apart from other chinese dishes such as hakka noodles, dimsums and thukpa…

Try bhel puri outside Miranda House and definitely try mutton dosa at the DSE canteen.. It’s normally quite crowded with the DU students thronging the place as it’s a favorite hang out zone. If you have still some space left in your already about to burst tummy, try the chola kulchaa outside the back gate of Miranda House Hostel.. This guys sells one of the best chola kulchas in town. And he charges only about 10 bucks per plate. In my days in the campus it used to be only 5 bucks. But still at 10 bucks it’s worth a try..

Other favorites are Tom Uncle’s maggi, though I personally never liked it. If you still feel that a sweet dish is required.. you can go to Sethi’s cake shop.. and indulge yourself in some mouth watering pastries and cakes.

Well I guess enough of it for the day.. till I get back with my next post on other foody delights 🙂

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